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Our commission


The reFashion Exchange acts as a trusted third party between buyer and seller and its a responsibility 
we take seriously. We carfully select the items offered for sale by the communiy, to ensure that all items
for sale on the site meet our standards. We also preform rigorous checks on every item to gaurentee
quality and authenticity before it is shipped to it’s new home.
It’s through our fees that we are able to deliver this service to the quality that our customers expect. 
What this means for you

As a seller:
  • Careful selection of items for sale
  • A trusted seling environment for your items 
  • Increased visibility for your items through our newsletters 
  • Your photos profesionally edited to comply with our house style
  • Free shipping on all items you sell 
  • Guaranteed payment on the items you sell 
  • Dedicated customer Service
For buyers 
  • Every item sold is rigurously checked to guarantee authenticity and quality
  • Every item sold is carefully packaged
  • Excellent user experience 
  • Dedicated customer service 
There are NO FEES for uploading items for sale, and commission is only applied once your item is sold 
The level of commision depends on the selling price of your item. Our final commission is the sum of the 
commission payable in each of the brackets below:
 £10 (inc. tax) for prices under £50 
26% (inc. tax) for prices ranging from £50 and £100 
24% (inc. tax) for prices ranging from £100 and £250 
21% (inc. tax) for prices ranging from £250 and £500 
18% (inc. tax) for prices ranging from £500 and £1000 
15% (inc. tax) for prices ranging from £1000 and £2000 
12% (inc. tax) for prices ranging from £2000 and £3000 
10% (inc. tax) for prices ranging above £3000 
This means that if you have a pair of shoes that cost £600 new and you want to sell them for £250 
our commision would calculated as such:

£10 + 26% from £50 to £100 baracket + 24% from the £100 to £250 bracket, for a total of £59 (£10+£13+£36=£59) 
So the shoes you sold for £250 will earn you £191, 76% of the sales price.

Resale of Items

 All sales on the reFashion Exchange are final. The refashion Exchange can not refund payment for any other 
reason than an items non-compliance with our quality control. Though if you find that once your order arrives
that you no longer want it, you are able to put the item back up for sale on the site within 14days of it’s disspach
from our office. These resales will not be subject to further commision, though a small handling fee will apply,
a minumum of £10 and a maximum of £40 depending on the price of the item.