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Quality Control

Authenticity Description Condidtion
1. The first check is for 
uthentticity, each peice is
checked for signs
counterfiting by a member of
team using all avalable
2.  It is then checked agaist the
description submitted by the 
seller. Looking at brand, colour, 
size, ect... to enure it's the actual
item that was listed for sale.
3. Thirdly we look at condition 
ensuring that it meets our
quality standards and that
it's in the condition stated
in the sellers description
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A closer look at quality control at The reFashion Exchange

All the items submitted for sale are vetted for
quality before being accepted onto the site

When sold all items go through three checks
for quality and authenticity in our studio.

If descrepencies are found between the description of
an item, we propose a new price to both parties.
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Our Vetting Process

Items Vetted Before
Checks On All 
Sold Items
Price Revision On
Refund For Buyers
If Counterfit
Counterfit Sellers
 1. Before items are accepted
to the site they are vetted
for quality, any thing that
dosn't meet our standards
will be rejected at point.
2. Once we receve the item
in the studio we check it's
authenticity, that it matches
it's description and that it's
in the correct condition
3. If descrepencies are
found between the item
described and the item we
receve we'll propose a
new price to both paties
4. If we discover the item is
counterfit we'll cancel the
transaction, refund the sale
and return the item to the
seller at their exspence 
5. Anyone knowingly selling 
counterfit goods will be
banned from the site, and
will have their account

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Quality Standards
When Submiting seller select the condition of their items acording to our quality scale
it's acording to this stated condition that we base our quality assessment
As New:
Clothes in unworn condidtion with tags still attached
In origonal condition with no alterations, modifications or changes to the garment, complete with all accsesories that origonally 
came with the item and it's tags still attached
Very Good:
Clothes that have been very lightly worn and very well kept
in excelent condition with no marks. Minor alterations, professionally preformed and clearly stated in the description
Clothes that have been infrequently worn and well kept
In good condition with no damage eg. tears, holes, stains, discolurisation, pilling on knitwear, stained linings, missing labels
Clothes that have been fequently worn or in vintage condtion with a few marks
in resonable condition with no noticable damage eg. tears, stains, pilling on Knitwear, missing labels, ect..