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Submission Guildlines

Please refer to the following guidlines when submitting an item for sale

1. Desinger or Brand
The reFashion Exchnge accsepts items from all desinger and luxuary brands, and fashion Items of a rare and desirable nature.

2. Item Details
The Refashion Exchange accsepts items in the following categories


, Skirts, Tops, knitwear, Trousers, Jeans, Jumpsuits, Jackets, Coats, Lingeire, Swimwear
Heels, Boots, Sandals, Flats, Ballet Flats, Lace-ups, Mules/Clogs, Trainers, Ankle Boots.
Hand Bags, Cluch Bags, Backpacks, Holdalls, Travel
Sunglasses, Wallets/Purces, Belts, Sarves, Silk Scarves, Hats, Fashion Jewlery

Please Note that for higene purposes Lingerie and Swimwear must be in unworn condition.

3. Description
Please provide us with as much detail about your item as you can.
this might include
A detailed description of the item,
The mesurments of the item to give a true sense of it's size
Details of its fit, does it fit like it's true size? Is it silm fitting?  Etc
Any faults with the item or Ajustments that have been made

4. Vintage
Is your item vintage?
for the purposes of Quality Control, we consider vintage to be items are are at least 20yrs old and be of a rare or desirable nature

5. Product Photos
Please refer to our Photogrphy Advice, for detailed guildlines on photography

6. Price
The more realistic you are with price the more likey you are to get a sale
Take a look at similar items on the reFashion Exchangeto get a sense of the correct price
As a guide we recomend a minumim of a 40% reduction rom the origonal purchace price
Remember fees are payable on sales, an explanation of our fees can be found here